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Introductory Dance

Our introductory dance class provides a fun and exciting experience for our youngest dancers. In this class, our dancers learn the basics of Ballet, Tap, Modern & Acro through age appropriate activities whilst building coordination, confidence and creativity!


Our dancers love going on our themed-dance adventures and exploring how their bodies can move. This class will have your little one moving confidently on their feet in no time. 

Our Introductory dance class is suitable for dancers age 2-4




In our ISTD Classical Ballet lessons, dancers learn fundamental ballet technique whilst developing their posture, strength, coordination and artistry in a fun and engaging environment. There is a strong focus on classical free-work to help our dancers develop a sound knowledge and understanding of classical technique and terminology.

Students who reach the appropriate grade with strong technique may then progress onto pointe work.

Dancers may also be entered into ISTD graded examinations which, at Grade 6 and Intermediate level, are worth UCAS points. Our students find examinations incredibly rewarding and love the sense of achievement after completing each grade. 

Our ballet classes start from age 5+


Our Classes



Our ISTD tap dance classes are a fun and exciting way to experiment with movement and sound whilst improving balance, coordination and performance!


Our classes also help students to develop their rhythm and musicality all whilst having lots of fun! Dancers may also be entered into ISTD graded examinations which, at Grade 6 and Intermediate level, are worth UCAS points.

Tap dance is most often seen on screen and in musical performances such as Top Hat, Singing In The Rain and 42nd Street

Our tap classes start from age 5+


Modern Theatre

Our ISTD Modern Theatre classes are centred around developing a mixture of musical theatre and jazz technique to create strong lines, style and performance. This is a high-energy class including leaps, turns, kicks and jumps. 

Dancers may also be entered into ISTD graded examinations which, at Grade 6 and Intermediate level, are worth UCAS points.


Modern dance is most often seen in musicals due to its theatrical nature, however, the syllabus does incorporate elements of contemporary and lyrical jazz making it well-balanced and perfect for those wanting to try lots of styles!

Our modern classes start from age 5+



Our acrobatics class follows the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. We focus on safe and effective progressions that help our dancers to develop the strength and flexibility required for Acro work.

Our beginner students love working on their bridges, cartwheels, rolls and balance skills. Our more advanced acrobatic students learn how to safely execute more challenging tumbling skills such as aerials, back handsprings and back tucks.

Dancers may also be entered into Acrobatic Arts examinations where they can receive certificates and medals for their progress and achievements.

This is a high-intensity class perfect for dancers bursting with energy!

Our acro classes start from age 4+



In our lyrical class, dancers learn elements of both lyrical and contemporary dance whilst also building on their knowledge of technical skills including leaps, turns, kicks and jumps. As this style builds on from Ballet and Modern technique, dancers are required to take either one of these classes so they can enjoy the full benefits of lyrical dance.

Within the class, we focus on developing fluid, expressive movement whilst exploring how emotions can be used to tell a story or portray an idea. Our students love learning lyrical dances every week and having the opportunity to be creative with their friends.

Our lyrical classes start from age 5+


Musical Theatre Company

Our multi award winning Musical Theatre Company provides students with a platform into the performing arts industry. Students participate in dance and acting, are trained vocally in Estill technique and build on their knowledge and skill of merging all three disciplines required to become a competent musical theatre performer. Our company enjoy performing in annual compilations and full scale musical theatre productions. Past productions include Wizard of Oz, Annie, Beauty & The Beast, High School Musical, Alice in Wonderland, Les Miserables, Legally Blonde and Fame; our Musical Theatre Company have won many awards including ‘Best Youth Musical’ for their outstanding productions. Whether you love traditional musicals like Les Miserables and Phantom of The Opera or contemporary musicals like Six, Hamilton & Dear Evan Hanson - our Company class provide something for every budding West End Star!

Our Musical Theatre Company starts from age 4+


Competition Team

In our NOVA competition team class, we focus on developing further strength, flexibility and technique as well as teaching more challenging dance skills. This helps our more able students to progress faster and better prepares those students who may wish to go on to professional dance and musical theatre training.

This class is by invite only based on commitment, attitude and technical ability. Students and parents are welcome to discuss this with us if they would like to participate

Our NOVA students love attending regular Dance Competitions and we have had lots of success over the past 3 years since starting our competition team.

Our competition team starts from age 4+


Private Tuition

In addition to our group classes, we also offer private lessons for all styles in slots of either 30, 45 or 60 minutes. These are open to ALL students.

Private lessons are a fantastic opportunity for dancers to receive more individual attention and more personalised training. They can be used to work on a students specific needs or goals, extra exam coaching, competition choreography or for audition prep.

Private lessons can be booked singly when required or can be taken up weekly or bi-weekly.

Our students love their private lessons as they enjoy working at their own pace, on their own specific goals and they love to see how fast they improve!

Private lessons can be taken up from age 3+

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